Around My Head

  • Lament 2017

  • The Balcony Mix

  • Wandering the streets

  • Streets with no name

  • Stereoliebe


“Around my Head” was the first album released by The Cure Is Us in 2017. As was explained in several interviews, the idea behind the release of this first album under this strange name was to convey the idea that the legendary band The Cure had by 2017, spawned two generations of fans and musicians. The idea was not to create a tribute band or cover band but rather to say “The Cure hasn’t released a new album since 2008 but there is an amazing posterity of musicians that have a lot to offer and are willing to say the obvious, that there were incredibly inspired by The Cure.”

This was beautifully expressed by Trent Reznor or of Nine Inch Nails when he introduced The Cure for their Rock of Hame induction. He was a first generation fan, actually possibly second wave fan since he discovered the band with The Head on the Door, but there have been waves of fans and inspired musicians ever since.

The concept with his first album and the whole band project was to record or record songs composed over about 10 years by more than one artist and in some way or another influenced by The Cure. Around my Head featured a well-received cover of a somewhat obscure (but cult status song) called Lament from the pop 1980s era.

Having a track called “Lament 2017” on an album by a band called “The Cure Is Us” was also a way to simply be found on’s modified and online searches…

Today, a large part of the bands following (the band being the cure is us, not the cure!) Is found in Europe and Central/South America.

Around my head, being the first album, was produced with limited means but featured compelling songs such as Anything but silence.

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